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Since 2021, Flight has helped data driven marketers become smarter about how optimize their funnel

Unlock The Potential

Launch a video based on any action on your website, link, or url parameter. With Flight, you can engage with your users through video based on their behavior

Quickly launch forms and video in minutes

Flight makes it easy to optimize your funnel and collect user info with custom video and forms

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Increase funnel conversion rates 

Create custom video messages in your funnel

You don’t need a week and a half to launch a video on your website or funnel. Create or upload and launch a video in 5 minutes

It's time to take control of how you engage with your customers and potentials. 

Test quickly and measure. You're the Captain 

Proven Impact

How you engage with potentials is changing. It’s time to change with it. 


Minutes to get a video live on your website 


Average conversion rate increase when using engaging and educational video


Higher user engagement rates with Flight

Solutions and services

Experience the power of video and forms to deploy your message

For Marketers

Upload or record a video and launch it quickly based on a URL, button click, or UTM parameter. Create custom videos to display based on, campaign, ad groups, keywords, or value proposition. 

For Sales Teams

Quickly and easily create a video to add to a landing page, email, or product page. Use custom UTMs so only the intended user can see your video. Dynamically add your videos to your email strategy with our email integration. 

For Leadership

Need to get a message to your user base? Use Flight to quickly create a launch a video so you can get your message out to the world. Have a new product announcement or feature launch? Create a custom video to display on the feature page quickly. 

Use video
To get your message across 

Whether you just want to send a video message or educate your users, you can quickly upload or create video in minutes. 

From website to in-app

  • Discover if your videos are driving more conversions
  • Up to 80% higher onboarding engagement rates. 
  • Personalize your videos and messaging with custom discounts, images, and messaging
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Flexibility and quick deployment

Take control of your funnel. You're in charge. 


of flight users have said the product has helped them grow their revenue 

Expert support on your side

More than a video tool. Work smarter

View tracking

Know now many views your video has and how long a user watched. 

Set up a goal so you can track how ofter the user did what you asked them to do. 

Event tracking

Custom images

Add custom images and gifs to your videos to make them more engaging. All while tracking to see if what you're doing is having an impact

Need training? We're here

Flight training program

  • Custom Flight training sessions with our product team
  • On-demand customer support via live chat and phone
  • Custom branded videos available through our growth production team. 
  • 24/7 support 
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Don't let opportunities slip away. Be cutting edge.  

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